10 Top Causes Of Hair loss For Women And Men

Top 10 Causes of hair loss for women and men

hair loss reasons
what are the reasons of hair loss for men and women in general ? this question is being asked a lot by people who have experienced hair loss or who are worried of having it in a certain point of their life and  whether it is Inevitable or there are things one can do to avoid or at least reduce hair loss in their case , what are the reasons of hair loss ? this is our topic for today  .


1 : genetic factors

genetic factors are classified as the main reason that causes hair loss as genetic characteristics move from your grand parents to your mom and dad straight to you.
so if you want to have an approximate idea on the look of your hair in the future just take a look at one of your parents or grand parents and that might give you an image of your future  hair condition
genetic factors tends to take part in 60% of hair loss and hair growth around the world .


genetic factors hair loss

2: anemia or lack of hemoglobin

the second main reason for hair loss is anemia or what is known as lack of hemoglobin in blood ,this also has a relation with the stock of iron in blood
make sure you run periodically run blood tests to know the hemoglobin rates in your blood that might be a cause of hair loss problems


anemia hair loss
3 Alopecia

Alopecia is a hair loss in a specific place in the head or most of it , it’s a well known disease and can be cured once diagnosed and treated by a skin doctor.

4: hormonal changes

hormonal changes for man or woman across the week or along the years are a known reason for hair fall .

5: chemical products

Hair dyes and chemicals that cause burning of the scalp in a small or big rate usually cause hair to fall .


hair dyes loss
6: Straightening hair in the wrong way

using hair straighteners in the wrong way or straightening your hair in unappropriated method can damage your hair and cause it to fall or dry .

7: birth control pills 

Birth control pills that prevent pregnancy are known to cause hair loss especially for women who has a hair loss history in their family tree so watch out for it

birth controls pills hair
8: strict diets

strict diets have lower quantity of organic and mineral materials so the body which is used to get a certain dose of nutriment will risk losing all of that in a sudden so if you notice hair fall after following a diet this usually means you need to stop immediately and see your doctor .

9: thyroid

Changes in thyroid performance with ether increase or decrease in thyroid activity can cause hair loss problems

10: chemical treatment (Cancer) :

chemical treatment for cancer or similar diseases is a direct reason for hair loss

11: fungal diseases in head scalp

fungal diseases in the scalp especially for kids and old people causes hair loss

12: eczema

psoriasis disease and eczema in the scalp can cause hair loss in certain areas

 13: Hear styling direction

hair styling direction can seriously cause hair loss if it is done in the opposite direction of hair growth

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14 : vitamins

lack in vitamins that control hair growth like vitamin ( A , B , B3 , B12 , C , E ) can get hair to fall so make sure your body gets enough quantity of them .

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hair vitamins
 15: pregnancy

during the periods of pregnancy and after giving birth to the child hair loss can take place for a short time then  it will stop gradually after recovery.

 16 : period

losing too much blood during period can cause hair loss in some cases .

 17: over dose of vitamins

consuming too much vitamins can become harmful to your body and your hair because an over dose of vitamins is toxic for human body and it can cause serious problems to the hair and scalp .

 18 : surgery

major surgeries or injuries are known in some cases to be one of the reason for hair loss .

19: infectious diseases

infectious diseases and fever can cause partial hair loss in the head and some parts of the body .

 20 : chronical illnesses

chronical illnesses like lever and kidneys disease can effect hair growth in a bad way

 21: consuming drugs can cause hair loss

consuming drugs and some medical drugs such as tranquilizers of heart or isotretinoin which is used in the treatment of acne can in many times cause hair loss problems

 22: too much using of hair dryer causes hair loss

Using a hair dryer frequently causes dryness of hair and hair loss .

hair dryer

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23: what can you do about it  ?

see : 10 Best Natural Hair Treatment Techniques for women and men .

In this review we tried to mention the main reasons of hair loss in a simple and easy way that everyone can understand ,all that is left for you to know that the hair loss effects depends on the person’s immunity and the degree of personal care , if you have any hair problem Visit your doctor to determine the cause of the main problem and how to treat it through your favorite dermatologist  .

We hope these information were helpful to you , we also welcome your experiences and ideas in the comments section

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