Best Way To Know Your Hair Type

Best Method To Know what’s your hair type

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Hair type is considered as one of the most important factors that defines your hair care strategy and the regime you will follow  , hair type can vary from dry to oily to many degrees in between .

how to know your hair type ? ? what’s a dry hair and how to take care of it ?what’s an oily hair and what’s the best way to take care of it ? what are the techniques any girl or lady should know to completly understand her hair condition and quality so she takes care of it in the best way possible ! this is what we are about to know .

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4 Steps to know your hair type :

Most of ladies generally know their hair type whether it is dry or oily by simply touching it with their hands , but they don’t pay attention to some important daily details that might trick them and they forget to take in consideration  .
hair specialists strongly recommend that hair type recognition must be done before starting to take care of your hair following these specific steps :
1:  wash your hair like usual then dry it up .
2 : don’t use hair dryer this time because it effects your hair so you will not be able to know your real hair type if you use it.
3: don’t use any hair products or oils on your hair .
4: leave your hair without tying or pressure for 12 hours during the period of sleep in the evening .


now let’s find your hair type :

oily hair : you will notice that the scalp is oily and has fatty dense
dry hair : you will notice no oily secretions on the scalp
normal hair : you will notice a limited quality of fatty secretions on the scalp.



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