10 Best hair care tips for Oily hair

10 Best hair care tips for greasy hair

oily hair care
a greasy hair is basically generated from a fatty scalp , so generally it comes with people that have a fatty skin or a skin that generates greases a little bit more then usual and that’s when we get a greasy hair problem.

these are most important tips and techniques to take care of an oily hair :

1: Fatty secretions causes a higher possibilities for dust to get stuck in hair so make sure you clean your hair continually and we recommend this best selling Shampoo for Oily, Itchy & Greasy Hair

2 :  avoid rubbing your hair harshly to remove the fats because this process damages the structure and stability of your hair use a soft brush and use it gently .

3 : Fatty secretions increases skin irritation so avoid using a strong shampoo that causes scalp irritation .

4: avoid using makeup products that contains fats we suggest you use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer or an spf 30

5 : be careful when using oils on your hair make sure you only apply them at the ending of your hair and not at the roots because your hair has already enough quantity of oils from the skin so we don’t want to add more greases to it.

6: choose your hair care products : don’t use too much chemical products and get away from products that make your hair thicker like gels because they really do bad to your hair besides they contain a large quantity of greases . See 10 Best Ways To Protect Your Skin And Keep it Healthy

7 : don’t brush your hair too much : don’t brush your hair too hard because hair brushing stimulates the scalp to produce more oils and that’s something we don’t want for an already oily hair.

oily hair care techniques
8 : don’t straighten your hair too much : it’s known that hair straightening causes damages to the hair and whether it’s done by chemical products or with hit make sure you do it the less possible times .

9: do not wash your hair too often and this doesn’t mean you can’t take a shower , instead you you can tie your hair while showering because too much hair washing is not a good practice for a greasy hair

10 : use warm water then cold water while washing your hair , warm water helps the oils to be smoothly removed from the hair and scalp while cold water (not too cold of course) makes the hair shiny .

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