10 Best Natural Hair Treatment Techniques for women and men 2012

Best Hair Care Methods For All Types Of Hair

olive oil hair care treatment

these are 10 homemade natural recipes to make your hair grow up , very healthy  ,tick , long , and soft .. these methods are well known and widely used across the globe and i personally use them and recommend them to my clients as a hair specialist i recommend them to you as they are guaranteed and tested and you will see the resutls by your self  in a short time far away from all the chemicals
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1: using olive oil and egg whites:

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if you want to have a thick hair using olive oil and eggs follow these steps :

 use egg whites if your hair is oily and egg yolk  if your hair is dry or normal with a big spoon of olive oil and mix it up .

apply the mixture on your hair once in the week for about half an hour each time,you will see that your hair is growing up and getting longer after about two months of application (you can apply it before you sleep and wash your hair when you wake up in the morning to get much quicker results )

2 : hair loss treatment using Fenugreek and basil powder :

try this recipe and you will not regret it

mix up a quantity of fenugreek powder with basil powder after drying them up of course then apply them on the scalp  for about 20 minutes (it doesn’t matter the smell the important thing is the result)
you will start to notice your hair growing up and becoming thick and strong after a few weeks.

3: hair treatment with castrol oil :

castrol oil is very useful for hair loss

rinse your hair with castrol oil from the bottom to the end of it then wrap it
with a towel wet with hot water and put your hair on a hair hitting machine if you have one for an hour and wash

repeat this each time you want to have a shower and you will see that your hair will begin to grow faster and will get thicker and hair loss will stop.

4: hair treatment with coconut oil and yeast :

one of my mates had her hair completely changed ..thickness , shine , softness , length .. she had a really perfect hair every one started asking how did she do it ? and of course she didn’t reveal her secret but i could get it from her at the end and i wanted to share it with you so everyone could get use of it

mix up three big spoons of instant yeast with a cup of coconut oil ,rinse it on your hair and leave it for 2 hours and you will be astonished by the difference .

5 :hair care using mayonnaise :

mayonnaise has proven to be a very effective product for hair case since it’s rich with natural ingredients that help hair growth and prevents hair loss besides making the hair shiny soft and healthy , simply put a quantity of it on your palm and spread it on your hair and leave it  for 30 minutes then wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and you will you will start seeing results after a few times of applying it.

6: baldness treatment using garlic :

take one or two cloves of garlic and smash it with a rock one time or use the back of your knife (don’t cut it into half so you don’t ruin the cells)   then rub the garlic on your scalp or light hair (almost scalp) and your hair will start to grow again
one of my friends have tried this and it worked besides it’s 100% natural .

7: hair loss treatment using honey :

hair treatment with honey

wash your hair well with your favorite shampoo then dry it and mix up 4 spoons of honey with 4 or 6 spoons of warm water and rinse the mixture on the roots of your hair and leave it for about 2 to 4 hours then wash your hair with just water
this is the only prescription for hair treatment with honey and i have a lot of mates who suffered from lack of hair and it worked with them and they
are happy with the results so try it your self and see the results.

8: hair loss prevention using onions :

onions has an excellent effect on hair because it contains a large quantity of sulfur which stimulates the growth of hair and increases blood circulation in scalp besides it prevents infection and inflammations at in the scalp at the same time ,here is how to use it:
put the juice of onions on your scalp for 30 minutes at least then wash your hair

do it three times a week .
add some honey to the onion juice and rub it on your scalp daily for more effective results.

9: having a shiny hair with Apple cider vinegar :

add a big spoon of Apple cider vinegar to a cup of warm water and put it on your newly washed hair then towel it up
repeat this each time you wash your hair and you will have a natural shiny hair

 10: lengthening eyelashes – excellent and tested method :

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you will need an ear cleaner , and a plate of castrol oil
dunk the ear cleaner in castrol oil and paint it on the eyelashes smoothly while closing your eyes

do this twice a week an you will start seeing the results  in the third week


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  1. steve adams

    Hey! thanks for the information just got one question are these techniques applicable for men as well saying that i have a small hair loss problem here and i could use a little help!

    • admin

      hey steve 🙂 the answer is yes , both men and women can use these methods , i hope you enjoy seeing good results soon
      thanks for passing by

  2. ella

    Usually i spread olive oil on my hair and wash after a few hours
    Thanks for the tips im sharing this 🙂

    • admin

      yeah that’s one good techniques , good luck and thanks for sharing us

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