10 Best Ways To Protect Your Skin And Keep it Healthy

Best 10 Tips To Take Care Of  Your Skin By Your Self

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as a team of beauty specialists we give you daily advices presented in the simplest and easiest ways to take care of your beauty and your style
weather you are a man or a woman, it’s  known that the face is a mirror of any person’s personality
that’s why it became a necessity to take good care of it .
here is a number of the best advices and tips in the world to take care of your skin .

1: warm water for a soft skin

stay away from cold water ,use warm water when you take a shower for about 10 minutes or less because this specific time is considered as the best time to save the skin’s natural oil layer along side with working to keep a good touch for the skin.

2: avoid sunlight as much as you can

avoid exposure to sunlight when you go to school , work or when you walk your dog


3:use lotion creams

use Lotion creams since they are light and soft beauty products they help reducing the skin drought

we recommend you to use one of there creams as they have proven to be the best in this business and they guarantee the best results you’re looking for

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4:focus on the places most exposed to sun in your body

use Lotion creams daily to Moisturize the skin and keep it soft and healthy and focus on the places that are more exposed to drought like face , hands , Elbows and knees.


5:try not to rub your skin while toweling

do not rub your skin too much while using a towel instead of that you can dry your self up  gently to protect the upper layers of the skin .

6:use good quality soap

if you didn’t find the appropriate products for you just use a good quality soap but a one that doesn’t cause infections ,you can use famous brands soaps

these are the best three soaps we picked up for this purpose

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7: avoid hot water

do not use hot water for showering because it can get the skin to burn or dry up or make it even drier if it already is and try not to shower for more then one time a day as most skin doctors advice .

8: wear a hat and sun glasses whenever you can

you can wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your self from sun rays it’s also recommended that you avoid cold weather , and dry wind to keep your skin healthy and soft

9: use a sun cream

in case you are allergic to sunlight you can use a sun cream


10: the best time in the day for your skin

the best time in the day for your skin to be exposed to sun is before 9 am which is the time to go to work or school and after 4 pm when the sun rays are more gentle .
that can of change course by the country or the place you live in

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  1. Lisa

    Nice tips! We can give our skin a healthy looking glow by following these few simple steps. I will keep these all tips in mind. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jennifer Levine

    As per my opinion, You need to apply stress reducing tips to take care of your skin by yourself.

  3. Great tips!

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