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Easy Way To Remove a Ring Stuck on Finger 2020

How To Remove A Tight Ring Stuck on your finger

Easy Way To Remove a Ring Stuck on Finger

Today, I’m going to show you a clever trick to help you remove a ring which is stuck on your finger. You might have been wearing it a long time, and you just can’t get it off. You can use this trick on yourself, or get a friend to help you out.

1.tuck the ribbon around your finger

first of all we’re going to be using a length of ribbon, It’s good because it’s nice and strong, and it’s really thin. You might also need to use a toothpick. And carefully tuck one end of the ribbon underneath the ring and out the other side, like this:

second you will need to wrap the ribbon around the knuckle, and spiral it down the finger, like it is demonstrated in the picture… You don’t need to do it too tight, and it shouldn’t hurt at all.

Next, take hold of the ribbon at the other end, and carefully unwind it all the way down the finger. You should find it slowly releases the ring over the knuckle. Keep going until it’s nice and loose, and you could remove it from the finger. Pretty cool, huh?

Easy Way To Remove a tight Ring Stuck on Finger

If you like, you may want to add some washing-up liquid, or liquid soap to help it slide better over a really tight knuckle. And if you haven’t got any ribbon, you could try using something like dental floss. This is also really strong and thin, and it does exactly the same thing. It’s nice and easy to tuck under the ring, but when you wrap it around the finger, make sure you don’t do it too tight. You don’t want it to dig in, and it shouldn’t hurt.

It’s a simple and really effective way to remove a stuck ring. You can do it on yourself, but it might be easier for you if you ask someone to help you.

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