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Moving To a New House Easily Hacks 2018

Tips And Hacks to do when you move to a new house 2018

what to do when you don't have curtains in your new house

tips for people who are moving to a new house today I’m gonna show you a number of tips and hacks for around the house, perfect if you’re moving into a new home.


1.Make your fridge smell nice

if you find your fridge starts to smell a bit maybe it’s been in storage for a while while you’re moving house give it a good clean-out and use a lemon to make it smell nice and fresh again slice it into segments and place a few around the fridge this should help to lose those bad odors from your fridge and make it nice and fresh.

Make your fridge smell nice


2.Reduce electricity consumption in your new house

when you first move into your property make sure you check the meter readings you can use your phone to take a photo of them to keep the record.

help to cut the costs of your electricity bills by changing older light bulbs for energy-efficient ones and use a comparison website to find out which provider will offer you the best deal

Reduce electricity consumption in your new house

3.Clean your bathroom when you first move to your house

if your bathroom isn’t as clean as you first thought you can make your own cleaner by emptying a pot of baking powder into a bowl pulling the top off and adding one and a half cups of water into the bowl and give it a mix it will froth up a bit add two tablespoons of white vinegar and we’re going to pour it into a spray bottle if it’s a bit thick at the bottom you can add some more water and finally add a squirt of
p and give it all a mix.

spray it over the grimy areas where ever it is and leave it to soak for a while after you do that then you can give things are good to clean off with a breath and wipe them down and you’ll be amazed at how well it cleans things up.

Clean your bathroom when you first move to your house

4.what to do when you don’t have curtains in your new house

if you haven’t got any curtains for your new home you can of course use towels for a while but this is a bit of a pain having to tuck them over the curtain rail and back off every day if you tried hanging them on the curtain hooks you’d probably find it makes a hole straight through the material but what you can do is turn a few of the hooks upside down take your towel fold it over and push it up into the hooks from underneath like this do the same on the other side and there we have a set of temporary curtains which you can easily open and close pretty cool huh?

it’s far less hassle than hanging them over the rail every evening and when you do finally buy curtains you can just unclip the towels and turn the curtain hooks back the other way around.

what to do when you don't have curtains in your new house

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips if you want to see more you can click on the links on the top right of the website or take a look at Best 10 for everything main page stay safe and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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