5 Best Ways To Store Food 2018

Best Food Storing & Preparing Hacks 2018 2019

easy way to separate eggs yolks

Best food storing hacks and food preparing tips that will help you out in the kitchen today I’m going to show you a selection of food hacks that will make your life at kitchen a lot more easier and fun, and don’t forget to check our last post about the top ten hair dryers that don’t damage hair for this year, okay let’s start.

1.easy way to separate eggs yolks

we’re going to start by separating egg yolks when you break an egg open it can be difficult to separate the yolk with just a spoon because it all sticks together.

so take a clean plastic bottle remove the lid squeeze some of the air out and use it to suck up the yolk and move the yolk to another bowl this can be really useful for recipes, maybe you need to whisk the egg white or use the yolk for something and what is cool is you can even do more than one yolk at a time go careful and make sure they don’t slide back out, we’ve got four in a bottle pretty cool huh?you can put them into a spare bowl and it’s really satisfying to do.

easy way to separate eggs yolks

2.easy way to squeeze juice from lemon

next I’m going to show you a clever way to squeeze the juice out of a lemon if you haven’t got a juicer cut the lemon in half and we’re going to be using a set of kitchen tongs to help squeeze the juice out put the lemon at the back of the tongs like this so we’ve got lots of leverage to help apply the pressure this way you can squeeze it really hard and it keeps your hands away from the lemon juice, perfect if you want to squeeze them into a drink or to help you get all the juice out if you haven’t got a juicer.

easy way to squeeze juice from lemon

3.easy way to keep salad fresh for a long time in fridge

next I’m gonna show you a simple way to keep your salad fresh for longer once you’ve opened it and stored it in the fridge for a few days you can find the leaves start to wilt or even go a bit soggy so next time you open a bag of salad if you’re gonna store it for a few days take a sheet of kitchen paper and carefully tuck it in the back of the bag if you store the salad like that the paper will absorb any moisture and keep the salad leaves fresh for longer if you try it out you’ll be surprised by the difference you might find the kitchen papers a little bit moist but that just means it’s doing its job and you can click on this list to check out the best 10 fridges list for this year.

easy way to keep salad fresh for a long time in fridge


4.easy way to keep bananas fresh in the kitchen for a longer time

and if you want to keep your bananas fresh for longer and stop them browning so quickly take some cling film and wrap it around the stems if you store them like that the bananas will stay fresh for a lot longer before they go brown and mushy and when you went to eat one remove the plastic take one off and wrap the bunch back up.

easy way to stop bananas from browning and keep them fresh for a long time

5.the right way to use cling film in the kitchen

as a final tip when you are using cling film check to see if the box has got these little tabs lots of people don’t realize you can push them in this helps to keep the roll inside the box as you’re unwinding it to make things easier.

the right way to use cling film

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this list if you want to see more life hacks like this you can click on the links on the top right of the website or take a look at the main best 10 lists website page and discover the latest life hacks that will make your life a lot easier and fun page stay safe have fun and thanks for watching you

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