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KINGDOMCARES Fruit Facial Mask Maker Review 2018|DIY Face Mask Machine

KINGDOMCARES Fruit Facial Mask Maker DIY Face Mask Machine

Review + How To Use Kingdomcares Facial Mask Maker Machine

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Idea of the machine:

Today we will review the DIY (the do-it-yourself) facial mask from Kingdomcares , the package comes with absolutely everything that you would need to make your own natural facial mask, the first thing you do is decide what kind of mask you want to deal.

KINGDOMCARES Facial Mask mold


it has a measuring cup ,a brush ,a cleaner; a scraper and everything you need , it comes with a little juicer so depending on what kind of mask you want to make.

KINGDOMCARES Fruit Facial Mask Maker Machine package

How to use kigdomcares facial mask maker machine:

the juicer will help you extract the juice you can use pretty much any type of fruit any type of vegetable you place it on top and just like you’re making your juice and the juices come down and then you measure it into the measuring cup and see how much you want then you’re ready to pour it into the little concoction maker and you add one of the collagen tablets that come along with the machine and that’s what’s going to help create it into a mask and keep all the natural ingredients together.

KINGDOMCARES juicer Facial Mask Maker Machine


KINGDOMCARES collagen capsules of Facial Mask Maker Machine
KINGDOMCARES collagen tablets


then you’re going to put it in the kingdomcares machine you open it up and it pops open and you can see down in it little spinners that are going to mix everything up .

now you are going to follow your mask recipe (The included manual has at least 100 different recipes) put the juice inside with the collagen tablets showed in the picture above ,turn the machine on it will gently serve everything it takes about six minutes while it heats it up and get it all mixed up well and then when it finishes the green light will flash and you will pour it into the mask mold ,start in the middle and it’ll spread out and then over a couple of minutes time you’re going to want to cool it down and then you’re going to use the spatula to pry it out and then place it on your face and you’re going to want to leave it on for about 20 minutes.

filled mold KINGDOMCARES natural mask Maker Machine

Kingdomcares Face mask recipes & Natural Face Mask Mixtures:

Face mask machine of 2018 what’s really nice is in their little manual they do include several mixtures for making masks and tells what you would use each mask for.

there are a lot of masks each mask is used for a certain age or beauty goal ,there’s twenty years thirty year , there are key masks and then there’s fruit masks there’s a vegetable masks ,there’s probably about a hundred different masks in in the book that comes along with and tells what it’s going to do with for each one of them.

KINGDOMCARES natural mask made by Facial Mask Maker Machine

Soybean milk juice mask:

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there is for example the soybean milk juice masks for whitening moisturizing skin replenishment exfoliating remove wrinkles maintaining skin elasticity and anti-aging so it’s really nice it works extremely well ,as the collagen capsules make it very easy to create the mask and keep everything together in a natural way ,the consistency is excellent then it just goes right on your face ,it’s just like one of those masks that’s pre-made that shaped like a face that you take it out and it feels really cool this is what that is like but it’s all-natural it doesn’t have any of the preservatives or anything in it that could potentially harm your skin because a mask obviously isn’t meant to harm your skin but it doesn’t have any added chemicals in it is completely natural and you’re going to know what’s in it good little product just like everything from Kingdom cares and this is all about pampering yourself taking care of yourself that’s their whole basis of operation in this device , to read more about this machine and see users experiences with it click on the (view at amazon) green button at the top of this page .

This video demonstrates how to make the lemon mask with kingdomcares machine

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