Best Cheap Watch For Men in 2018

Top Cheap Men watch in 2018

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I wear a watch pretty much every day. I like them for their simple style as a fashion piece, and the convenience of quickly checking them from time to time. While I have a couple of different watches that I like to wear, some of my favorites are the Fairfields from Timex, the simple clean design, reliable quartz movement, and extremely affordable price, means you can get a couple of them without breaking the bank and wear them for pretty much any occasion.

Best Cheap Watch for men 2018

this is my favorite budget watch under $100. So let me first clear some things up front. These Timex Fairfield watches are budget watches. That means they don’t use expensive sapphire glass for extra scratch resistance, it’s a quartz movement powered by a battery, and there’s no built alarm, smart features, or calculator if you want that sort of thing. So while I appreciate the design and work behind a well crafted automatic mechanical watch. And I’m big fan of Seiko watches if you’re looking for one on a budget. I still like having a quartz watch around due to the convenience of a long battery life, the reliable time accuracy and the low cost that these watches can be purchased at. I purchased two watches from Timex; The Original Fairfield and the Fairfield Chronograph, each which I like in their own respect. The design on these watches are clean and minimal. Simple notches as hour markers, subdue low key branding and features, and overall symmetrical design. Even the chronograph version with the extra complications I still find very simple and clean such that I can switch between them regardless of the occasion. I purchased both of these watches with fabric straps and really enjoy the flexibility of using Nato straps on my watches. Extras can be purchased fairly cheap and swapping between them is super quick and easy so you can switch them daily depending on how you feel. The features on the watches are pretty simple. The Fairfield has just a single crown that you pull out to set the time. And press it in to illuminate the Indiglo light. Water resistance up to 30 meters and a replaceable battery like any normal watch. I guess one flaw I have with the watch is the noise. The second hand is quite audible if you’re sensitive to ticking noise. It’s not any issue in a typical environment but you’ll probably hear it in a quiet library or by your bedside late at night. So if this is an issue for you, go for the Chronograph version that doesn’t have the issue with the loud ticking second hand. The Fairfield chronograph has a couple extra features over the original. A similar main crown that lets you adjust just the hour or the minute hand. A date indicator. And the chronograph feature. As a chronograph, the second hand doesn’t sweep like normal instead the lower dial is used to indicate the seconds counting during the day. The top two dials and the large second hand are used for the timer. Starting and stopping with the top button, and reset or lap times with bottom button. It also has the Indiglo light activated by pressing in the main crown for easy readability at night. So those are a couple of the Timex Fairfield watches. And I think they are some of the best value watches available in the market. They’re stylish, well-built and relatively cheap compared to most fashion watches. While it probably won’t be a watch you pass down to your kids as a family heirloom, it’s still a great everyday beater that will still turn some heads with its clean and modern design. But hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see next time.


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