Best Backpacks For Men 2018

4 Awesome Backpacks For men 2018

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I have a lot of backpacks. Some I use daily, some I use on particular occasions, and some that rarely see the light of day. But these are the ones I usually go to when I need to carry a couple extra things around town.

My Best Backpacks For men this year (2018)

these are my favorite backpacks I currently use So I’ll admit I probably don’t need all these backpacks. And honestly I only really use about four of them and even that is still a little excessive in my opinion. But here are the four backpacks I switch between and the reason why. For my day trip backpack the key things I look are light weight construction, large main compartment, and a simple looking design. So for my day trips as a man with a healthy hair I use the Hershel Pop Quiz backpack. The quick access pocket on top is super convenient to quickly stash my keys or wallet, and it also has felt lining making it perfect to prevent scratches to my cellphone or sunglasses. The large open main compartment is versatile to carry anything from my jacket to some food, with a nice padded pocket in the back to safely store my laptop, and the overall design is stylish enough to use daily and super lightweight so I can carry it all day without discomfort. If I need to commute to work with heavier tech and gear, I’ll look for a backpack with more pocket organizers, larger arm straps for extra comfort, and a professional design for the office. For my daily commuter I use the eBags Professional Slim bag. It has separate pockets and dividers to organize and store pretty much anything I could possibly need. The rigid frame, the hard shell insert, and padding all around protects all my stuff from the typical bumps and drops. And while all this extra padding makes the bag a little heavier, the arm straps are comfortable especially with the include sternum strap that make lugging to and from work as painless as possible. For the gym my priorities change towards carrying some dirty shoes, extra clothes, and a water bottle. So for days when I need to hit the gym after a long day of work. I’ll grab the Aer Duffel Pack version 2. With a separately lined compartment on the bottom to stash my gym shoes. Duffel compartment to quickly find my gym clothes. Easy access water bottle holder on the front. Two quick access pockets on top to safely store my locks, keys, and wallet while I’m at the gym. And even a laptop compartment in the back so I go to the gym directly after work. For a change of pace where I just need to carry a bunch of large or heavy stuff, from for example the grocery. Specialized pockets and fancy features don’t matter much anymore. Instead I just need a large main sack, a durable design and comfort for all the weight. So for grocery runs I’ll grab my Invisible Bag One. While this probably wasn’t the original intention behind this bag. The top loading design makes it really easy to load items into it on the go, and there are no zippers along the side to worry about splitting open while carrying heavy items. The arm straps are nice and wide to keep it comfortable, and when it’s empty it’s thin and minimal design can be tucked away anywhere, even into another bag. And finally what if I need to carry my camera gear out into the field. I actually don’t have a dedicated backpack for my camera gear. Instead I just have this really old and small camera pouch to safely store my camera and lens in. And just throw it into any of my other bags depending on what else I might need to carry. But those are my current favourite backpacks for most occasions. And how I typically use them on a day to day basis. While I still have a bunch of other bags that I’ll still grab once in a while, and I’m always looking for new bags to add to my collection. That’s for another video. But hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do and I’ll see next time.


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