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Best Braun Men Electric Shaver Series 9 9095CC Review Sale|Coupon

Best Braun Men Electric Shaver Series 9 9095CC Review using

Braun Series 9 a Good Electric razor that does not irritate skin

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the brand new braun series rechargeable razor is with no doubts one of the world best electric shavers now as you know when it comes to shaving there is no name more iconic than braun so going in i had high expectations for this and right off the bat I was certainly not disappointed now may or may not seem like it’s you but my hair actually grows really pretty quickly especially the facial hair so shaving becomes just about a daily task for me having used so many different types of brands and razors over the years this bronze series 9 is honestly the best in its class in terms of electric razors this is an absolute joy to use it’s comfortable and feels perfect on your skin

out of the few times that I used it out of the box i experienced know inching or skin irritation

 how did they do it?

to pull this off Braun actually uses a flexible four-part cutting system in the series 9 that allow all the blades to work together to capture even the most stubborn hairs in tough areas this feature alone is what won me over big time and separates Braun from the pack

Best Braun Men Electric Shaver Series 9 9095CC shaving head

the movement of the head of the razor is just so natural so fluid and just works overall so well the performance is just absolutely amazing and not to mention the design just take a look at this thing I still can’t get over how sleek and how high quality Braun designed this razor I’m not the one to usually be impressed with something like a razor but this thing just looks absolutely stunning for a top-of-the-line model it sure does live up to the class that it’s in and not to mention it feels great in your hands when you use it it’s very lightweight.


Braun Series 9 unique Design:

judging by the design i certainly wouldn’t hesitate for even a second to put the series 9 on display in my bathroom its high class shine and overall sleek design make this thing look like a true work of art

Cleaning system:

now it makes this razor standout aside from its looks is the fact that it comes with the world’s only alcohol-based cleaning system this is such a unique and neat idea that will not only be a game changer but will also keep your razor more hygienicly clean than tap water simply pop the fluid cartridge into the included charging station and you’re good to go every time you doc the razor it just works way too good

braun series 9 unboxed unpacked review 2017 2016 cleaning solution bottle


braun series 9 Battery Life :

the braun Series 9 was on top of our 10 Best Electric shavers for men list with all the features and our that Braun packed into this thing i also found the battery life to be pretty good it lasts about 45 to 50 minutes on a single charge which is really on par with other electric razors and if you’re like me and shaved for only like 5 10 minutes a day if that you’ll definitely get a few good days out of this thing

Over all :

overall I never thought that I would see the day where i was literally impressed by an electric razor from the unique four-part cutting system to the game-changing alcohol-based cleaning system the braun series 9 is a true tech enthusiasts dream the design is sleek perfection the performance lives up to its high end position and the overall quality is just top notch if you have the money to spend and are in the market for a brand new razor look no further than the braun series 9 I absolutely cannot recommend it anymore already guys.

if you like to make a comparison between the braun series 9 and it’s competitor Norelco Electric shavers click on the Red text link to see more about this electric shaver and if you like to buy it or read more reviews about it see our best 10 electric shavers list on this website .

Braun series 9 vs norelco shaver

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