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Iphone 6 next to Samsung Galaxy S 7

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Samsung Galaxy S7 is the newest samsung smartphone, another opportunity for the company-to … well take over the world! this is the new Galaxy s7 and it’s already got the full weight of Samsung’s marketing team behind it from an over-the-top launch event to an Oscars take over .

who knows what’s next but here’s the question is this the best galaxy yet?

Introducing the samsung GS7 :

let’s start with the basics. the galaxy s7 isn’t a huge departure over 2015 galaxy s6, Samsung’s mainly kept work last time and it made it better along the way they work on some of our concerns the galaxy s7 itself is just about the same size as the galaxy s6 and the iphone success while we’re comparing things to tad heavier than both but not so much that you notice the biggest differences years at the back side has picked up the same sort of curves that we enjoyed on the much larger galaxy note 5 so it’s a lot more comfortable to hold

Samsung’s New Galaxy S7 Review testing



First impression:

it feels a lot less plastic by using more metal will do that all in all it’s a really good feeling in the hand premium even. samsung kept with a 5.1 inch AMOLED display this year as well it’s still excellent and a quad HD resolution with Chris colors and deep blacks it’s still impressive to see a screen that so much bigger and at a much higher resolution than what Apple’s kept in the iphone and remember this isn’t a body roughly the same size .

Iphone 6 next to Samsung Galaxy S 7
Iphone 6 next to Samsung Galaxy S 7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen :

samsung has kept its adaptive display feature to which adjust the color and sharpness depending on what kind of lighting you’re in its subtle but it can’t be noticeable a new for the display isn’t always on mode it’s a feature we’ve seen on other phones but this is the first time Samsung is going for it .the phone just laying around it will float a little bit of information around on the screen and by default you get the day ,and date time ,battery level and basic notifications from a few select apps like Samsung’s email client missed phone calls.

Samsung’s Galaxy s7 Screen notification

the problem is it’s not much useful beyond quickly checking the time and you’ve got seven styles of clock from which to choose or you can go with a monthly calendar view or a cute little image but none of that comes close to the usefulness of other always on implementations that actually let you do something with the notifications but yes you’ll say battery life by not waking the entire screen when you just need to check the time
mor useful Samsung’s fingerprint sensor that’s tucked inside the home button on its own as good as ever but now that it’s on the phone with android 6 marshmallow and supports all the fingerprint features that come baked into android it’s excellent.

Shopping via Galaxy S7 ,Storage &  Security:

buying things easier than ever password managers are secure but quick to open and of course you can unlock your phone more easily on a double press the home button is still the fastest way to launch the camera no other phone comes close .

Samsung Galaxy S7 Storage :

one major feature Samsung’s brought back with the galaxy s7 is expandable storage that is it’s got a micro SD card tucked into the SIM card tray using that on top of the 32 gigabytes of on-board storage and only about 16 gigabytes or so is actually available to you that means you can have up to two hundred gigabytes of storage in total

Galaxy S7 adoptable storage feature:

samsung has decided to not use the adoptable storage that’s a marshmallow so you can still use the car to transfer pics and videos and music and movies from one device to another that’s a questionable decision for some who would prefer that Samsung use the updated to android feature. Samsung’s being very conservative in this case .

Samsung’s Galaxy s7 usb cable


Samsung Galaxy S7 Usb Cable and Virtual reality Visor:

another area in which samsung isn’t yet moving to future tech found at the bottom of the phone. galaxy s7 continues to use a micro USB plug not the newer reversible USB-C means a couple things :

  • one is that your existing accessory should still work and you will not have to buy new chargers or cables
  •  second is your galaxy s7 will work in the existing Samsung gear VR virtual reality visor and in fact samsung is giving a bunch of them away when you buy a galaxy s7. sticking with micro USB will be another strike against the galaxy s7 for some people but Samsung has a good argument for not changing things just yet .

Samsung’s Galaxy s7 VR virtual reality visor 2016 2017


Samsung G7 Android :

moving on the software again we’re looking at android six total one which is the newest version of Android available the time the gs-7 is released it’s also got the february 2016 android security patches

now another couple points on security Samsung’s knocks services on board of course useful for allowing you to keep your personal information completely silent off from your work data and Samsung’s made it even easier with its minox app

Samsung Galaxy s7 Applications :

the galaxy s7 is encrypted which is increasingly important these days but one thing you want to check is whether password or PIN is required to boot and decrypt the phone setup process might not have presented that option it’s a good one to take advantage of beyond that Samsung is really the only other manufacturer especially for those of us in north america that you’ll run into that has its own app ecosystem we recommend biting the bullet and signing up for Samsung Account and then signing into your phone there are some little things that samsung will want to update through its own services and that’s the price of admission or if you simply don’t want to use google services but still get new apps it’s an option here you might well need to go hunting for a few new apps- some surprising ones might not be pre-loaded that includes the excellent samsung pay which lets you use your phone for purchases even when a store doesn’t use contactless payment systems.

samsung pay app on galaxy S7 phone
samsung pay app on galaxy S7 phone

other apps like Google productivity apps or Microsoft’s even will need to be downloaded later as well it will depend on what carrier you get your Galaxy s7 from the good news is that Samsung’s user interface customization are about as good as they’ve ever beenyou are going to want to move some things around but the UI is fast and fluid and still has plenty of options you can move apps off the home screen and add folders as you see fit you can rearrange the apt or alphabetically or just search for your installed apps

chosen few apps also have support for notification badges so you can know just how much you’re missing out on

samsung still has a one-handed mode support for multi window with two apps at once and about a bazillion other tweaks and features

Galaxy S7 For Gamers:

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for the gamers the galaxy s7 has a dedicated game launcher that gives quick access to all the fun stuff but more than that the game tools could shut down notification so you’re not distracted by something more important or you can take any game screenshots to record video and it’s all easily accessible through pop-up style buttons plus the galaxy s7 can take advantage of the new Vulcan gaming api’s which should future-proof it for a while.

there’s still a lot going on here in the software but it smartly done better design and fastest anything and you can always download and use a different launcher if you want.


Samsung’s Galaxy s7 for gamers  games


Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera:

under the camera and what may be the best part of a samsung phone experience these days there aren’t really any gimmicks here on the back there’s a 12 megapixel sensor and if you’ve been paying attention you’ll notice that’s actually a lower resolution than what Samsung’s used in the past few years and also lower than other android phones but the sensor on the Galaxy s7 has larger individual pixels 1.4 microns up from 1.1 two microns on the galaxy s6 that means that each little pixel can take in more light and that combined with optical image stabilization and the f1.7 aperture means that you should get better pictures overall and better shots in the light but in reality results have been a little mixed number of shots have taken on decidedly yellow tinges varying lighting conditions and details maybe are quite as crisp as we used to samsung set a really high standard for itself and we’ve set a high one for samsung this camera isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination it’s also not quite a stellar out of the boxes as we were led to expect the camera doesn’t stick out from the back of the phones for anymore so I guess there’s that

Samsung’s Galaxy s7 camera


Front cam:

the front facing camera ways and 5-megapixel so you can sell for as much as you want sabres camera app remains excellent health you’ve got options for all kinds of modes including a manual mode that lets you save images in raw format like professional photographers do ,or their selective focus panorama video collage live video broadcasting through YouTube slow-motion shots a matrix style virtual shot dedicated food mode and hyperlapse and you can download more modes from the samsung app store

one cool new features that when you’re shooting still panorama objects are moving inside of it will actually move in the panorama instead of being chopped in half but the problem is you can’t really share those be on the phone but really the camera app is it’s easy to use it is rich in features there simply isn’t a better camera available on Android today.

Samsung GS7 Waterproof Feature:

now it’s time for a little fun galaxy s7 is waterproof not quite take it swimming because you can waterproof but it’s good for half hour in about five feet of water a quick trip in the shallow and shouldn’t kill it neither should a spilled drink or dip in a fountain whatever its cool feature to have even if it’s not really one you should actively use

GS7 daily use:

so how’s the galaxy s7 to use a daily driver no words excellent big but not huge category and this may be my favorite thing about it will comfortably fit in your pants pocket and easily slip into a purse to be able to put a case on it without making phone into something bigger of course the carriers in the US are going to do their thing verizon bloated up pretty good with at least 8 apps that mostly duplicate what either samsung your google have already brought to the table other carriers would do their thing into that in we really want to see samsung cell unlocked unadulterated phones on a ton of the US.

and things occasionally kind of break in these early phones Android auto has yet to work for me and that was also temporarily the case with the galaxy s6.

well TouchWiz is as good as it’s ever been I’ll still be using a different launcher on my galaxy s7 if only it quickly start fresh from all the things samsung verizon wrongly think i’ll use


Samsung Galaxy s7 Battery life and charging :

battery life has been decent I’d say acceptable jumping from two thousand five hundred fifty million hours in the GS 6 – 3000 the gs-7 isn’t a huge change out of seventeen percent increase but that combine the snapdragon 820 processor and power usage improvements and we’re not scrambling for a charger nearly as fast as we were with the GS 6 between 12 and 15 hours moderate use isn’t out of the question and that’s without employing any of Samsung’s battery saving features well the gs-7 uses Qualcomm quick charge too . oh not the newer and faster 3 . oh you can still get about forty five percent of a full charge in 30 minutes it’s pretty quick

Call Quality :

call quality has been fine I don’t have any problems with bluetooth or GPS the phone and it does normal phone things

Samsung G S7 sales :

there’s a reason Samsung’s gonna sell tens of millions of these ones that Samsung marketing machine is in full effect you’re gonna hear a lot about the galaxy s7 just about anywhere your turn but the other is that the galaxy s7 is just one hell of a phone.

right to the galaxy s7 is obviously the better of the two phones but if you want to know a little more about other cool phones make sure you share this review on your social media page so we keep making reviews about your favorite smart phones .

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