Best Chef Motivation Tips/quotes To Boost Your cooking business 2020

Chris spera a professional chef from new jersey asked: Alright fellow chefs I have been in the business of cooking for almost 20yrs. I started cooking professionally when I was 16. I’m getting the feeling that I’m burnt out. But I wouldn’t do anything else…… what have you all done to get the flame going again???

The answers were as following

If you can afford it , I walk away for a month or two and do nothing . Then back -vincent russo

I’d say walk away… and when you start missing a kitchen, get back. Just a different place. I change regularly kitchen after 1.5y of service so I never get bored and I learn a new things constantly. A hobby after work also helps -veradnika polyakova

If you are getting that feeling it might be time to look for a new kitchen to call Home.
Never be unwilling to change companies. The job titles/dollars will come wherever you land as long as you are willing to work for it.-brian finch

I stopped cooking and went to baking full time. Lot less stress.-adrian baldwin

N quotes

Find a different venue I went from fine dining and resort hotels for 28 years to working for a contract company in hospitals went from 70-80 hour high stress no life to 40 a week weekends off and making a difference in healthcare.- joe calcleasure

Went through the same thing. My cure… found a place to work where I am the GM and Chef. Got the kitchen experimenting/cooking as well as a new aspect of the job by overseeing the FOH, arranging banquets, landscaping detail, etc. etc. worked for me! – scott mcCue

The end justifies the means -david shawn

Chef motivation sayings

Find the right situation. It’s the most important thing. Every time I have been burnt out was because my situation wasn’t right. I love what I do, I don’t love being exploited and abused. Gotta have respect and creative opportunities, without that, it becomes a brutal grind.
I have walked away from cooking because I became so disgusted with a shitty situation. I came back because I created the world that I wanted to live in.
Ain’t no one gonna hand it to you. You gotta make it, player….- chef gary moran

Only a very very select few go on to do this for life and that is the cold truth.

There is no magic answer to fix it either because burn out means something different for all of us. Maybe it means the hours are getting to long, or you now go a bad coke habit and can’t stop snorting your check, addicted to hookers, the list could go on.

Honestly if you are at this point and need to step away it’s okay. Be healthy -jonathan canfield

These were the answers provided by chefs from all the united states to help chris and other chefs get motivated in the cooking business

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