What’s One Basic Food Item That is Irresistible To Cooks?

garlic mashed potatoes with chives & sautéed potato cheese pierogis in butter and onion
Golumpki, garlic mashed potatoes with chives & sautéed potato cheese pierogis in butter and onion

List of Food items irresistible to every shef

‘Chef’s life’ is a group where professional chefs,cooks and foodies can gather and share ideas and what’s new on the horizon in the cooking business, it’s an amazing place for cooks where no negativity allowed.

Todays question is: Despite making supreme and exemplary food, what’s one basic food item that is somehow irresistible to you? Ian howard willis asked.

The answers were as following

The Lord’s Chicken Sandwiches (Chik-Fil-A)

Soy sauce flavored ramen noodles. Or a grilled cheese, plain chips and french onion dip, and some cinnamon apple sauce is my favorite go to -bethany corrine

Street tacos are exemplary, supreme food. Maccas, however… That said, guilty pleasure would be boxed Kraft Mac n Cheese or microwaved Hot Pockets. Oh! Cup O’ Noodles. -Symantha gemini stevens

a couple of lengua, carne asada and cabeza tacos ?. The filet-o-fish isn’t that bad either. -ho kan

Costco chicken bake or Wendy’s Jr bacon cheeseburger -joey archer

doubles are straight up comfort food for me! They warm my soul. -amanda czekaj

Costco hot dog or chicken teriyaki bowl from teriyaki madness -alex gonzalez

Swedish meatballs inspired me to cook and will always be my favorite -myles myers

Fried or deep fried Scrapple both are delish. Typically pan fried in my cast iron. Lately ive been baking in a 400 oven with a thin coating of canola oil. Its a game changer! – amanda czekaj

Cheescake…..even crappy, pre-made walmart cheescake! Sounds like my kind of heaven -kris compton

Kris Compton 1. Buy 5# Costco cheesecake 2. Eat solo until near diabetic coma coupled with severe euphoric sugar hallucinations ensue.-codey shipley

Pepperoni bacon and extra cheese pizza or Ramen batch -bruce kent

Ramen noodles with an egg and random vegetables from the fridge hot sauce and shoyu lots of pepper. With an orange soda or Dr pepper. -erron sawtell

Elotes Also, I love Meatloaf…I’ll try pretty much everyone I find. -isaac gwyn

A good greasy cheese burger all the way!! Extra cheese!! .

Eloté from the stand in front of a gas station on the SouthSide of my city! -kristin smith

Ramen, Tacos and Pho ((( slurp like a little kid))-shefkeisha

These were the top suggestions by our cooks if you have more ideas please leave them in the comments

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