How to Use Braun Series 7 Shaver -Tutorial To Perfect Close Shave 2023

how to use braun series 7 to shave beard

Get A Close Beard Shave with Philips Norelco rotary Shaver & Braun Series 7 Foil Shaver

The best way to use your electric shaver whether it is foil or rotary whether it is a braun or norelco , this is a complete toturial on how to use your electric shaver to get the a close perfect shave.

today we’re going to do a quick tutorial on how to use an electric shaver to get a close shave this information is going to be pretty straightforward but if you’re new to electric shavers then you might find some of the quite useful for a demonstration.

our foil shaver is going to be the Braun series 7 790c  and our rotary shaver is going to be the Philips Norelco electric shaver to start the comparison we used the foil shaver on the right side of the face and  a rotary shaver on the left

you want to keep about a 90 degree angle and want to shave against the grain and with the grain and for certain areas you’re gonna want to pull your skin down to get even closer and this is an optional thing you shlould always try and see if it works out for you whether you need it or not.

the shaving technique and the expected results also depends on what razor you use and on how hard you need to press.

braun series 7 shaver:

the braun series 7 an excellent razor (the newer model is the braun series 9 ) it’s super easy to use and you hardly have to press it all somehow shavers which may be a little less powerful than this one it may require you to press in a little harder so you get to it


Philips Norelco shaver 2023:

in the rotary shaver the same rules really apply. you want to keep about a 90 degree angle you can put your skin type and shave up and down and side to side with the rotor shape you can also save a circular motion till you’re really find out what works best for you people shave up and down side to side or do  certain emotion so it’s really going to depend on your personal preference

the other way to use an electric shaver it would be to use it wet some of the models will allow you to use them in the shower (like norelco 9300 and Braun Series 9 ) or use the more of the sink with some shaving cream to set it up you just want to do what you normally do with a disposable blade to wash your face with some nice warm water rubbing some shaving cream or shaving gel and then depending on whether you’re going to use a rotary shaver or a foil shaver or just use some of those techniques that we spoke about earlier.


After Shaving:

another thing is that you’re going to want to rinse the shaving head under some running water the nyou should clean your shaver using the cleaning system if you elerctir shaver came with one.

if it didn’t you can actually remove the cap and you can brush that out and if you rinse it under running waterand just let it dry

braun series 9 unboxed unpacked review 2017 2016 cleaning solution bottle


so remember when you are using a foil shaver you want to keep it at about 90 degrees for a full shaving shave, move it up and down against the grain & with the grain for a rotary shaver same thing about 90 degrees you can shave up and down side to side or in a circular motion

sometimes you’re going to want to pull your skin down to get even closer shave and just with a bit of practice you’ll get a good feel for how hard you need to press in.

always clean your shaver after every use and you can do that with a manual clean or running it through the cleaning system of your shaver after you remove as much hair as you can.


if you have thick facial hair is the best way to go if I leave my face and hearing for about a week i’m using an electric shaver can get the job done but requires me to go over certain areas more often and it is a bit harder on the electric shaver so you do have big fish in here the best way to go is probably going to be to shape a bit more often if you’re new to electric shavers and you might get some irritation the very first time (if your skin is sensitive we recommend using the braun series 9 as it was designed especially to reduce skin erritation) and don’t give up on it some of these products do require you to use it for maybe two or three weeks for your skin to get used to them so that’s normal for some people whatever shaver you do use I do hope that you get good results, if you enjoyed this tutorial please share it with your friends and like always you can visit for more shaver reviews.

Braun series 9 vs norelco shaver


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