Dyson Supersonic “Cheap” Hair Dryer Review 2020 Fast Or Not?

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Dyson “Cheap” Hair Dryer Test 2020

today I was out shopping and I saw this blow dryer that I’ve been hearing about so much and i have been dying to try and I just splurged and i bought it and i’m going to try it and it and tell you what i think about it.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

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to put this thing to the test i had to get my hair wet so after i came out the showeri tried this blow dryer to see what is so special about this thing I’ve been hearing girls talk about this and how incredible it is so we are about to find out if this blow dryer really worths it’s reputation or not.

the dyson blow dryer comes with different attachments to adjust the way the air comes out there is the super small one it also comes with the one for intense styling and another one just to straighten and smooth the hair it also comes with a very nice diffuser which I’m very excited about because i have extremely curly hair.


there are  three settings with the air strength and the heat

i put it to test and it took 65 seconds to dry my hair (time may vary depending on your hair) it did a pretty good job at drying my hair the air was going out so smoothly and the temperature was so even and healthy for the hair the technology is so awesome on this hair dryer and it’s diffenetly a good quality hair dryer that will last you long and keep you satisfied especially with the manufacturing company long experience with hair devices of 2020.

i will say that work better than any other hair dryer that i have ever used it made my hair super soft really shiny and it blow dried it really fast  i have to say that i loved this i don’t know it’s worth the money but if you can get on sale or if you can get someone to give it to you for Christmas this thing is really awesome.

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