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Main Access 16-Inch Waterproof LED Light

Color Changing Lighting Cubes Main Access Waterproof LED lights

Main Access 16-Inch Waterproof LED Light

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the main access cubic LED lights are an amazing touch to any house they can be used at planters and floating pool light, no batteries required one improved flown in products come when the charging base is attached for two hours of charging provides 8 hour of illumination, planters ,ice buckets and furniture ,  come with the charging cord simply plug the cord directly into the light when the item is done charging replace the rubber cap and it’s ready to  be used

16 color options and 4 color changing modes at a push of a button

universal remote works with multiple LED products and illuminations modes can be changed together

you can use them anywhere , indoor or outdoor ,landscape lighting works in the pool while intertaining with the friends ,in nursery or at the lake they will illuminate your life .

Main Access 16-Inch Waterproof LED Light at pool

the main access oro color changing LED light is a dazzling accent at your patio or poor it is finite is rechargeable, waterproof and floats on water ,it has a wireless remote control and charging base are included with your purchase you may also choose from 24 stunning color options and 4 illumination modes : flash , strow , fine , and smooth , you don’t have to use batteries ,simply place your light in it’s charging base and plug it into the power outlet for a couple of hours o as much as it says on the user manual .  the light will illuminate from 8 to 10 hours .you may also put a solar charger such as the main access solar charger while you put them outside. mains access said this will eliminate any need to bring the light indoors to charge.

this portable whether proof and waterproof light is bound to enhance you landscape, garden party ,pool ,or nursery, to view this LED light and read more reviews and other items the main axis brand visit Louis lineup on or click on a link this video thanks for watching and have a great day


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