Best EDC Knife For Chefs 2020

EDC knife stands for: ‘Every Day Carry knives. indicates the pocket knives in this category are very practical and functional knives. The size of these knives is reduced which makes them easy to carry in pockets or small bags. But they are still large enough for full use in the most diverse tasks in our case for cooks.

1.m16 knife M16 special forces knife “Tanto” its important when purchasing a knife to make sure there are stops before the blade. Blood can be very slippery. You wouldn’t want to cut yourself.

2.Spyderco Resilience
great value for the dollar mine was about 75$
There are people that are much more knowledgeable about edcs than i am. But i am very satisfied with mine

3.gerber edc knife Never leaves my side or truck also carry a Kershaw

gerber edc knife

4.spydiechef edc knife

this might be next. mini chef knife in the pocket. Spydiechef from spyderco. Pretty cool.

5.opinel savoie france

I’ve carried this for years ’cause it is simple and very sharp, but I have a number of choices.

6.milwaukee fastback hawk bill flip edc knive

Honestly, I carry a Milwaukee Fastback Hawk Bill Flip Knife. Super easy to open and close, has a nice angle so I can open things without risking cutting product when I’m distracted or careless. Nice thickness on the blade, stays quite sharp.

7.CRKT Mini Bowie.

this a good skinning knife for huntingthey were selling it at bass pro shops

8.Viper-Tec Ghost OTF with tanto blade.


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