Best Teeth Cleaning Floss For Bad Breath 2020

Reusable floss picks for quick effective cleaning

First, let’s start by discussing bad breath causes and how to treat them:

today I’m going to talk about how to cure bad breath or halitosis, bad breath can have many causes and some of them are serious, it may be a result of anything from smoking or sinus infection to periodontal disease

brushing flossing rinsing with a mouthwash and scraping the tongue regularly can go a long way toward keeping most people’s breath fresh if the cause of the odor is the oral bacteria,  everyone knows about brushing flossing and rinsing a SONIC brush does the best job but what you may not know is that scraping the tongue also helps keep the breath fresh.

the papillae on the tongue harbor bacteria which thrive on food particles so using mints sprays, mouthwash and gum only temporarily mask the odors. to actually get rid of bacteria you’re gonna need to scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper you can get these from your dentist or a drugstore.

now once you’ve scraped rinse your mouth for a full minute with antibacterial wash that doesn’t contain alcohol because we don’t want to dry your mouth out, you’ll have a fresh clean mouth and your breath will smell great.

certain medications may be the cause of bad breath if you’re taking medication check with your pharmacist to see if bad breath is one of the known side effects if so you’ll want to rinse your mouth several times a day with a non alcohol mouthwash or chew sugar-free gum. if medications not in play and you have not eaten foods with strong odors it’s time to visit the dentist your dentist will examine your teeth and gums, take x-rays to look for bone loss and measure the pocketing around your teeth, the findings will determine if you have periodontal disease which is a serious bacterial infection that often leaves patients with a distinct oral odor though not curable many dentists have the tools necessary to manage and control it non-surgically, once periodontal disease is under control the bad odour often subsides. if your dentist rules out periodontal disease as the cause of your bad breath see your medical doctor sinus tonsil or stomach issues may be the cause of your halitosis.


1.Listerine Ultraclean Flosser

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The listerine floss pick is one of the best floss picks in the united states because it helps protect your teeth and gums by effectively removing plaque from hard to reach places that brushing alone may miss for a thorough clean every time you floss, it fits into the reach access handle it has a minty flavor to help you feel fresh 

listerine floss on reach access handle
listerine floss on reach access handle


2.DenTek Complete Clean Floss Picks

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DenTek Complete Floss Picks that protects gum
DenTek Complete Floss Picks that protects gum


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