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the Best Trolling Motor For Bass Boats 2018

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you ever want to install a trolling motor on your boat .you don’t know where to start too many choices !let me see if I can help you narrow it down

there are two basic styles and promotors you have a choice of a transom mount or a bow mount trance amounts are generally designed for smaller boats like your jon boats and your skiffs ,your bow mount traditionally go on bass boats flats boats and some of the bay boats are out of there. one of the other considerations you have to think about is whether or not you’re going to need a 12 volt ,24 volt or 36 volt trolling motor for your smaller boats a 12 volt 55-pound thrust trolling motor will generally do what you need

for your bigger boats like your  24-volt 70 to 80 pound thrust is perfect and for those big bay boats you definitely need a 36 volt hundred and one pound thrust trolling motor

one of the other things that you need to consider is the style trolling motor you want there are hand control trolling motors foot control trolling motors co-pilots and even have an autopilot trolling motor that I’ll carry you down the shore line all by itself

chapling shaft lengths and very important thing smaller boats are looking at 48 to 52 inch shafts your bay boats your bass boats traditionally use 52 inch chef’s and the larger bay boats they use a 62 inch shaft ideally your trolling motor should be roughly a foot below the surface when operated that way you don’t get cavitation when you’re out on the water .what is cavitation? cavitation happens when you’re trolling motor shaft not long enough and it comes in and out of the water which will spook fish makes your fish and day a whole lot harder so that should be everything you need to know about promo get a chance to contiue reading this review as we will show you the best products and lowest prices you can get


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