How To Check for water leaks and fix them easily in your house

How To Fix the leaks in your House and reduce your water bill

You may not realise it, but many small leaks around the house could be costing you big on your water bill. Many of those leaks are easy and inexpensive to fix. I’ll show you how.  First, you want to check your home’s water meter. This is going to be able to tell you whether you have any leaks within your home. Check the number on your water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used. If the number goes up, you probably have a leak.

One of the biggest wastes of water can be your toilet, and you may not even know it. To check for leaks inside the tank, add a few drops of food coloring to the tank. Wait 15 minutes. If the food coloring ends up in the toilet bowl, you have a leak. Depending on the toilet, you may need to replace the valve seal or the flapper.

If your showerhead is leaking when the shower is off, you may need to replace the cartridge or a washer. But if it’s leaking when the shower is on through the sides, that’s an easy fix. You put some plumber’s tape around the pipe, tighten it up, and you should be good to go.

Leaky faucets usually just need a new gasket or a washer. Once you replace it, the leak should be fixed.  And don’t forget to check for leaks outside the house. If you have a hose connection that’s leaking, replacing the washer can create a tighter fit.

So look around your house. Look at the ceilings, the walls, the floor. If you see any mold or moisture, it may mean that you have a leaking pipe. And at that point, it’s best to call the plumber.

You can save even more water by adopting a few simple habits. When you do dishes in the dishwasher, always run a full load, and don’t bother pre-rinsing the dishes before you put them in. Instead of scrubbing a pan under running water, which can be wasteful, soak it. Use faucets with aerators so you get the feeling of water pressure, but you’re actually saving water. With these tips, you can stop flushing money down the drain.


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