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Why Buying a Pc Is Better Than a Mac 2018 Comparison

Why Windows Computers are better than Mac 2018

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I’ve used PCs, or to be more correct Windows Computers pretty much all my life. I still remember one of my first PCs, nothing like computers of today, it was an ugly big box, with a shiny metal sticker promoting the powerful Pentium 2 processor with MMX technology. And as computer technology has progressed through the years I’ve always been tempted by the nice looking hardware and unique applications that the Apple ecosystem offers but in the end I’ve always just stuck to my Windows devices.

Should I use a Pc Or A Mac? 2018

this is best10for.com and today we will talk about why I use a PC, not a Mac. The simplest reason why I use a PC is due to them just being everywhere. You go to school, there’s a PC. You go to work, there’s a PC. You go to the library, again a PC. I grew up with the Windows platform and was constantly surrounded by it from friends and family. So it just never made sense to me when growing up to take the path less travelled. And while yes nowadays MacOS is more common to see especially at the local starbucks. It not a great OS if you’re a PC gamer. Want to play Destiny 2, Not supported. The new Star Wars Battlefront, Not supported. Pubg, and you get the point. I’m not a hardcore gamer or anything close to that but if I want to grab a couple friends and have an old fashion LAN party I’m not going to be able to do that with a bunch of Mac computers. But Hey! Don’t Macs have less viruses, better software and hardware integration, and Final Cut Pro X is awesome for video editing. And maybe some of that is true but the Windows experience in the last couple iterations has come a long way. Sure, I do still really hate when Windows feels like automatically updating the system when I’m in the middle of some work, and the little games and apps it continues to install in the background is ridiculous, but in terms of stability and usability it’s been solid enough that that I’m not itching to leave anytime soon for software alone. Hardware on the other hand is a bigger dilemma for me. I’ll admit, Apple products have a really nice industrial design that appeals to my taste. I still remember the early days of the childish funky colors of the original iMacs, the clean and simple Mac desktops, to the modern thin and powerful Macbook notebooks. I really wanted a Mac product for looks alone where everything from the Windows ecosystem was stuck in the past their clunky plastic designs. But thankfully a lot of that has changed with the development of new hardware. These new professional and stylish products from the PC ecosystem have become prevalent enough that I can satisfy my hardware itch and still stick to the PC side. The last part I love about PCs is building your own computer. While some people will complain about Mac products, saying their overpriced for the hardware you get, I’d argue pre-built PCs be pretty pricey as well in regards to the value for the money these days. Instead I just really like the building process for PCs, choosing specific components tailored for my needs, finding a case that fit my style, and the ease of replacing failed or upgraded components to keep my system alive just a bit longer. Yes you can build a Hackintosh PC and get a similar experience, and I’ve tried that before but limited hardware compatibility and the worry of stuff not working after a MacOS update never really gave me confidence to use the system full time. But that’s why I still use a PC over a Mac. I’m sure if I had to, I could adapt to the unorthodox command key, lack of native right clicks, and use a console like a peasant for all my gaming needs but for now I’m perfectly happy in the Windows ecosystem and see no reason to change anytime soon. But that’s just me. Hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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    The war between Mac and Windows will never end. Generally, Windows is used in a PC. There are some major differences between them and that includes security features, network issues, internal firmware structure, etc.

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