10 Best Men Hair Care Tips

10 Best Hair Care Techniques For Men

best men hair care

Hair is the man’s crown , not only to women ! but for his special look and style and to have a healthy hair that looks healthy ,resists time factors and does not give up easily to falling here are some good tips that will help you have the hair you always wanted to have .

1: do not wash your hair every day

exposing hair to too much water is considered as one of the most important reasons for hair drought because water removes the hair natural oils and greases that keeps it healthy .

2: avoid hair dryers :

hot air destroys the hair cells structure and damage Hair follicles and scalp

if you are one of hair dyer users you should quit using them immediately this habit can cause a large harm to your hair on the long term.


hair dryer

3: use a good shampoo

see Best 10 shampoos for men

it’s recommended to pick up the best shampoo for your hair , look for the best quality shampoos that suits your hair type , my favorite is Pura d’or Hair Loss Prevention Premium Organic Shampoo

3 : brush your hair gently before washing it

brushing your hair before washing it makes it more easy to wash when it gets wet , brush your hair gently to remove sedimentary layers of creams and gels along side with stimulating blood circulation in the scalp which is very good for your hair.

4: use a brush with gentle Comb teeth

because hair tends to be weaker when it’s weat so using a good quality gentle brush is healthier for your scalp and hair , here is a good choice for a hair brush Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush

photo Conair Velvet Touch Paddle best seller Hair Brush


5 : avoid wearing tight hats

tight hats or tight hair styling can give you baldness because it tightens the hair off the scalp instead make sure your hair is always comfortable to guarantee normal growth and good look .

6 use powder instead of shampoo

since it’s not a good practice to wash your hair each day because that makes it lose oils , you can remove the dust and Sedimentary dirt simply by using babies hair powder .


7: wash your hair with cold water

i know it’s pleasing to have a warm bath but when it comes to hair it’s more healthy to use cold water especially in summer because cold  water doesn’t take off the natural hair greases that keeps the hair healthy

8: don’t be harsh to your hair dry it up gently

toweling your hair in the wrong way can cause it to fall or become weak so make sure you dry your hair gently and smoothly to keep it stable and good looking after each time you wash

9: avoid using chemical products :

hair coloring, gels and chemical products are bad to your hair and scalp instead make sure you use products that contains natural ingredients See : best natural hair treatment techniques for women and men .

10: use hair stylers when needed

ever thought of changing your hair style or your hair cut ! you must have thought of that if you wanted to have a new look for a special occasion or just as a change
changing your hair direction or style can get it to be damaged and fall eventually and here comes the job of a good hair styler which makes the hair flexible and shiny at the same time , we recommend Towel Dry Natural Hold Creme Styler for Men since it’s the best in the business .


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  1. NUYU

    These are really good hair care tips. Especially the one about avoiding wearing tight hats. Thanks for sharing!

  2. john

    used to wear a tight hat but not any more ..thank’s for the tips !

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